The US Constitution – Essay Example

The paper "The US Constitution" is an outstanding example of a law essay.
The US Constitution is the supreme law of the United States of America. This constitution was the first of its s kind and has greatly influenced the constitutions of other nations
The United States of America is composed of several states. Some states are small will others are large. The constriction, therefore, provides a compromise between the large states and the small ones and between the North and the South. Before the Great Compromise, there was a fight between the small states and the bigger states where the latter refused equal sharing of power with the smaller states (Peterson 22). A compromise was therefore reached and the constitution allowed the creation of a bicameral house. It consists of the House of Representatives and the Congress. In the Congress, each state has one vote irrespective of the size of the state. In the House of Representatives, power is given to states depending on the population.
The USA constitution is federal in nature (Peterson 10). The constitution provides for the creation of federal government and State government. The federal government is the national government and it comprises of the executive, the legislature and the judiciary. The state government is responsible for the day to day governance of the various states of the USA. The governments are autonomous in nature.
The constitution provides for separation of power of the three branches of the federal government. To ensure that each arm does not interfere with the other, distinct powers are given to each. This provides a system of checks and balance to ensure the smooth running of the government. The executive has the power to veto laws while the legislature makes the laws. The judiciary is empowered to interpret the laws and to determine how they are applied (Iminds 8).
During the making of the US constitution, there was a difference in ideologies and beliefs between two factions (Vile 12). The federalist wanted the power to be concentrated in the federal and state governments to ensure easy control and governance. This was strongly contested by the Anti-federalists. The Anti-federalists were against this since it will leave the poor and the common man out.