Child Labor – Essay Example

The paper "Child Labor" is a wonderful example of a history essay. Child labor had a significant impact on America in the 1800-1900s. Children were subjected to inhumane conditions where their supervisors treated them badly. They were put under dangerous conditions. Whereas the children may have required a little money they were paid, the situations under which they worked could easily take away their lives. With time, people learned not to use child labor because it was wrong. Even though it was cheap, the children were deprived of several rights, including education (Coclanis, & Stuart 89).
Name of the group: Youth against child labor
List of demands
1. Children should be taken to school.
2. Children always have the right to live in a family environment.
3. Children need time to recreate and spend time with friends.
4. Parents and guardians must ensure children are in good health, both mentally and physically.
5. Children should have the freedom of choice and the right to make decisions.
6. Children must be accorded protection from any form of exploitation.
Children should be taken to school- education is a form of learning in which the child will gain skills, knowledge, and habits. It will enable children to grow up with a vision and the will to change the world around them.
Children have a right to live in a family environment. The family is integral to the development of any child. Family interactions also allow forming of bonds necessary for wholesome growth. Children also should have the freedom of choice. Even though they are still under the care of parents, children should be allowed to choose what is right; of course with proper guidance. 
The group will be meeting between 4-6pm every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The meetings will take place at the local church.