Marketing Management – Essay Example

The paper "Marketing Management" is a marvelous example of a marketing essay. Marketing management is an area of study in business that deals with realistic functions of marketing procedures and the manner in which management of marketing procedures and resources in a company are carried out. Globalization has been a driving factor for firms to look for markets for their products beyond their countries making this discipline an important aspect in the company’s operations (Porter 45). The critical drivers of marketing management are marketing managers who are tasked with the responsibility of making decisions at appropriate times with full consideration of customer demands. The responsibilities of a marketing manager vary depending on the scope of the firm and business environment. For instance, a marketing manager in charge of a specific line of product in a big company may act as the overall manager of the product. In order for companies to implement marketing management procedures effectively, they must clearly define their objectives and the business environment under which they operate. As we continue to discuss concerns in marketing management, it is found out that they share the same principles with strategic planning.   
There are several marketing management orientations that ought to be followed for a firm to succeed. Among the orientations is production concept which proposes that customers would always want cheap products and provided that are made available in the market, they would go for them. The second orientation is the marketing concept which prioritizes the customer needs. The third is the product concept which has the propositions that companies should make products that are of high quality and unique in the market, which is the preference of the customers. The fourth orientation is the selling concept that has the belief that customers won’t take the initiative of buying a product unless somebody sells it to them. The last orientation is the holistic marketing concept which has been widely adopted in the present day due to its consideration of all the marketing efforts of a company. The manner in which marketing activities would affect the society is given priority (Porter 99).  I suggest that my University (AUE) uses the holistic marketing concept. This is due to the fact that it emphasizes on benefits that students would get from their learning programs and how they would use knowledge acquired to impact the society positively.