Sources of Information on the Internet – Essay Example

The paper "Sources of Information on the Internet" is a good example of an essay on information technology. When writing academic papers, have to be sure that sources are reliable and true. There are many sources of information available on the internet, but they aren’t always reliable and are often not true. The virtual library through Excelsior College contains thousands of articles from peer-reviewed journals and presents a huge variety of information and opinions. While researching my paper about stem cells, I found several journal articles that were helpful. The Ebrary is excellent and I learned a lot about this topic. For my next test in Developmental Psychology, I will use the psychology articles to help me study for the multiple choice test. Another website I found very useful for research is the American Nurses Association website. When I typed “high cost of healthcare” into the search box, I got almost 200 related articles. Four of these were very useful to me, and I used two to support my opinion in my health care costs research paper. One article that I didn’t use in this paper told me that Hispanic populations are twice as likely to die of diabetes as non-Hispanic whites. I found that very interesting, and disturbing. It gives me something to think about, as I become a nursing professional. On the home front, I spoke to my employer and asked to work more weekends. With my wife working and my son at school, I can be alone during the week and have more time to dedicate to writing.