Human Resource Management: Diversity – Essay Example

The paper "Human Resource Management: Diversity" is an exceptional example of an essay on human resources.
Commitment to diversity is regarded crucially valuable if the talents of the multicultural workforce are intended to be accurately used for gaining competitive advantages. The rate of diversity is increasing at a fast pace and the above figure shows that different organizations engineer different diversity management techniques ranging from resistance to creating an inclusive culture. Each approach to diversity is based on a certain ideology and leads to consequences in contrast to another approach. The management at some organizations tends to ignore the important structural component of diversity due to which the risks of chaotic pandemonium and legal issues drastically increase at a workplace. Other organizations take a different approach and start making efforts to recognize diversity and deal with it by providing diversity training to the employees in order to enable them to respect different cultures and effectively handle foreign cultural notions. Consequently, compliance develops among employees but problems still persist to a certain extent. Developing acceptance for diversity at the workplace refers to another approach which inflicts a significantly positive influence on the organizational environment. This leads to huge payoffs for the companies because conflicts plummet down and a sense of problem-solving is inculcated in the management and the workforce. The most effective approach, however, is to create an inclusive culture as a way of promoting diversity due to which a riveting repertoire of multicultural perspectives is formed which is helpful for decision-making processes. All people at a workplace get along harmoniously as a result and business prospects improve.