Improving Health Status in Houston – Essay Example

The paper "Improving Health Status in Houston" is a worthy example of an essay on health sciences&medicine.
Over the time, the improvements being made for the health foundations and the health issues of underserved children mainly in Houston, have found a solid support system, which can be relied on, known as E.B Management. The approach of the E.B management is to provide guidance for making improvements in the health status of the community. The management also has its funding authority.
E.B management has helped many groups and organizations with its approach to improving the health status of the community in Houston and covered the groups and people within the society. The children and families are provided with support and facilitation by non-profit providers, local funders who contribute in the improvements of health status, local researchers, health departments of city and country, mental, dental and public health clinics, public and private emergency departments and charities (McDowell, 2006).
Constantly charities are being made by organizations such as the Houston-based St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System, which aims to promote the health care in the community for the underserved individuals. The St. Luke’s Episcopal Health Charities supporting the health status followed the E.B management approach to boost their research community-based research whose purpose was to serve the underserved children, families, and neighborhood of Houston.
The idea of supporting the public health theory was soon proposed and as the population health model required the analysis of the health issues, priority setting, taking actions and resulting evaluation. For the purpose of data collection for research, the surveys were made to obtain knowledge about health issues occurring in different age groups of people (Fitzpatrick, Smith, & Hoyt-Hudson, 2010).
For improving the health status in children and facilitate the East End parents, social services were promoted with the education development and many relevant courses. The Charities’ model has worked and proved an effective method for health foundations and agencies to improve and promote the health status of the population, community and the ten neighborhoods in the Houston area.