Art Appreciation HUMA205 – Essay Example

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Art al affiliation Creation of art is done for various purposes and it’s used differently by various people. Art is known to extend and increase different people visual language. Ideas when first expressed by the artist, they are mostly shocking even hard to understand them (Alexa, n.d). Though as time goes by, people appreciate the idea more by grasping the whole idea behind the art (Alexa, n.d). Artists are known to make us view familiar things from another angle and in understanding new events through various forms of visual shorthand. One of the probably oldest purposes for art was for religious rituals.

This is seen in various works in commemoration of religious events and ceremonies. Art has also been used to initiate propaganda (Alexa, n.d). This images are often created in an attempt to enable us develop a specific point of view on various social matters promoted by political parties, lobbyists, governments or even religious groups (Lu Fong, n.d). One of the propaganda purposes which may be approved of was during World War II when efforts to get women behind war effort were done by use of art.

Art has been largely used to change people’s thinking and act differently (Lu Fong, n.d). Computer and technology hasn’t changed art that much. It has only enabled more to happen as it provides better resolution and other various aspects of imaging. But still with all this being available, the art still remains the same (John, n.d). The computers and internet are used to enhance the art work and by providing various options on how to express the various messages that they intend to convey (John, n.d).

Though technology has also greatly helped in art restoration and in up keeping of classic artworks. ReferencesAlexa Meade (n. d) Arts and History. http: //curiosity. discovery. com/user/alexa-meade John Maeda (n. d) Arts and Architecture. http: //curiosity. discovery. com/question/technology-changing-artLu fong (n. d) History about Art. Retrieved from http: //curiosity. discovery. com/user/lu-fong

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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