The Theory of the Mind Arousal – Essay Example

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The paper "The Theory of the Mind Arousal" is an outstanding example of a psychology essay. The theory is also referred to as “ arousal theory” . It concerns the arousal of the mind necessary to ensure there is effective functioning to achieve sufficient motivation. The motivation redeemed redirects an individual’ s to meet desired goals and good work.   In light of the recent neuropsychological findings, decrements in recital can be comprehended effectively by analyzing the theory. The anticipated behavior relies on various variations in the way tasks are designed and effective avenues can be used to establish the determinants to explain the work behavior (Koffmann & Walters, 2014).

One of the factors that influence arousal theory is environmental factors. It is apparent that low, moderate and high arousals are driven by the determinants.   According to Newstrom (2011), the optimal level of arousals is ideal to achieve the desired result at peak levels. Notably, a change in the environmental factors causes the break or make of performance. Additionally, the arousals theory influences the emotions of an individual (Görlitz et al. , 2012). For example, if an individual fails to meet a given objective, one may become unmotivated or angry.

However, this can be expressed positively as the persons will learn to improve and be productive in the future. Nonetheless, caution must be taken when invoking the arousals. A high level of arousals is associated with panic, under confidence and exhaustion (Newstrom, 2011). Studying personality traits help establish individual differences.   The process describes the predispositions which will help in determining the common patterns and emotions that manipulate or influence behavior. Another description of the activation theory is inferences made by Lindsley Donald an American psychologist who referred to the theory based on the EEG (electroencephalogram) and follow the context of neuroscience (Lindsley, 1951).

In this case, the brain stem referred to as reticular illustrates the significance of emotions based on the interaction of the sub-cortical and cerebral cortex structures. The induction of the fast activity reduced alpha and low aptitude is reproduced when the EEG patterns are reproduced. As expressed by Lindsley (1951), the existing experiment on the activation theory does not rely only on emotional anchoring.   Habituation influences learning indicates the effects of emotional behavior (Lindsley, 1951).

People desire to remain active and try to achieve these using different stimulation types. These include complexity, novelty, uncertainty, and variation.   Arguably, the low level of activation is witnessed based on the reduced performance if there is a decrease in the crucial factors, these are dulled senses, inactiveness or alertness, and reduced muscular coordination. Often firms opt to work on improving alertness of employees (Koffmann & Walters, 2014). If the factors are not achieved, the employees are prone to causing accidents or making errors unknowingly.   It is challenging to be under activated as it leads to pressure getting stimulant which may include sabotage.

For example, if a person is concentrated in designing a job but they end up being overloaded leads to a desire to get stimulation as an alternate (Görlitz et al. , 2012). Conclusively, the arousals theory is significant in explaining work performance and behavior. Establishing a moderate arousal level is beneficial in anchoring better results and showing satisfaction. It is, therefore, recommended that people find their arousal is not too intense or too low.   Optimum or moderate arousals are ideal as the people will both be productive and enjoy the task taken.

Equally, restricting one to focus on a specific objective helps to avoid destruction and ensure there is optimism.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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