Children Taking Sleeping Pills – Essay Example

The paper "Children Taking Sleeping Pills" is a worthy example of an essay on medical science. In the world today it can be seen that the diseases and illnesses are on the verge of increase. With more and more problems the scientific world has also developed and this has led to many new inventions and solutions which help in curing these illnesses. On such problem can be cited here is of insomnia and other sleep-related disorders. Thus to counter these disorders sleeping pills have been made which help people sleep. But this blessing is now being used in the wrong way amongst children too. This essay would further revolve around the argument as to if the kids should be allowed to take sleeping pills or not. It has been analyzed that even after the US Food and Drug Administration has not allowed the children to consume sleeping pills a huge number of children i.e. around 180,000 Americans under 20 consume these prescription sleep aids. This shows that children are consuming sleeping pills at a high rate. It is seen that sleeping pills can reduce anxiety, irritability and help to cure other sleep-related disorders. It is usually not prescribed by doctors to the children but however, in some cases, some sleeping pills are prescribed to these children. Children who have been consuming sleeping pills are doing so to avoid their sleeping disorders such as insomnia. Sleep is an important factor in the growth of children as reduced sleep would impair the brain function. Children are able to sleep well after consuming these sleeping pills and thus it can be said that they are necessary for the proper functioning of the brain. On the other hand, it can be seen that sleeping pills have their own adverse effects which can at times prove to be lethal. Children consuming these sleeping pills at such a tender age may get addictive to these sleeping pills. One important problem which the children face after having these drugs is that it may lead to mental and physical impairment if consumed in large quantities. These pills can affect the central nervous system of the children if used in huge quantities. Moreover, these sleeping pills would also affect the whole bodily functions of the children as they are in a growing age. The above-given arguments regarding the consumption of sleeping pills in children clearly show that the adverse effects of these pills are more than the good ones. Although these sleeping pills can prove to be useful for children if a rationalistic stance is taken it can be said that children should not be allowed to consume these pills at all.