Architecture in the Modern Arab and Islamic World – Essay Example

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The paper "Architecture in the Modern Arab and Islamic World" is a worthy example of an essay on architecture. In the early 1960s, the American embassies in the Arab world were under threat of rising anti-Americanism and therefore there was a need for designs to reflect security measures as well as public access control. Therefore, the Foreign Building Operations (FBO) was looking forward to integrating the latest US building technologies at the time. They were in need of protecting their dignitaries and hence the FBO decided to build an embassy in the Middle East of its kind.

The proposal was to build a safe embassy that would transform modern architecture in the modern Arab world. The US embassy in Baghdad was built to such specification. It was designed by Josep Sert’ s with the view of protection and a building that could withstand a blast. Sert’ s design was bold by creating the ambassador’ s residence that was crowned with a spectacular concrete canopy. The canopy on an aerial view evoked some geometric patterns that portrayed ceramic tiles and wood inlay. However, the concrete canopy was built to a specification that would protect the ambassador from aerial attack.

on the other hand, the US embassy in baghdad was a fortress that few could see. Such a building in Iraq defying the Islamic architecture suggested little confidence in the host government. Furthermore, critics argue the Americans built the US embassy with its security modifications to signify its strength. Moreover, the embassy depicted one of the most beautiful and well designed modernist buildings in the region. Therefore, the rise of the US embassy in Baghdad portrayed a successful architectoral experiments in the region paving way for increased transformation decades later, with original wastern designed Architecture.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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