Role of Engineers and Technologist – Essay Example

The paper "Role of Engineers and Technologist" is a worthy example of an essay on engineering and construction. An engineer is often concerned with applying mathematics, knowledge, and ingenuity to come up with solutions to commercial problems. The work of an engineer involves forming connections with new discoveries of science and their applications to the requirement of human needs. The first role of an engineer is to design new technology. This involves defining engineering problems, carrying out research, analyzing the research and making decisions. Another role of an engineer is analysis where they involve in supervising production in factories, and if there is a failure, they rectify it to maintain operation (Jenison, Mashaw, & Northup, 2002). Lastly, engineers are involved in specialization and management. On the other hand, Technologists are involved in the development and implementation of engineering problems. They always work as assistants to engineers by always applying principles of engineering design. Their role is to work in the same field as engineers, but they only apply practical knowledge as opposed to the theoretical knowledge of engineers. They are also involved in using mathematics and scientific knowledge to assist engineers in designing products, maintaining system assembly and test and manufacture machinery. They specifically focus on the part of the spectrum, product manufacturing, construction process, and operational functions. On the other hand, technologists are always involved in applying the results of design, as opposed to engineers who just interpret those result. Finally, technologist measure and test processes, system and product related to engineering works. They can do this using programmed computers.