Problems and Public Policies in Cities, Suburbs, and Regions – Essay Example

The paper "Problems and Public Policies in Cities, Suburbs, and Regions" is a wonderful example of an essay on social science.
Most major cities and suburbs in the world undergoes many solemn challenges which include, racial discrimination, poor housing, overcrowded ghettos and very many social evils such as high rate of criminals and prostitution respectively. American cities are the epitome of such cities among other cities, like England metropolitan cities, Perish among others. To curb these challenges, the governments of the affected cities and suburbs have formulated policies and have ensured the accomplishment of such laws. The policies have played a very big role in reducing the challenges. The challenges have been experienced from the past and there are possibilities being experienced in the future based on the researches that have been carried out.
In America metropolis by the end of the century, it is infinitely different from what is expected in 50 years ago. During the mid-century a clean, rationally planned city, a city which is free of long-standing challenges such as traffic and poverty was envisioned. This has not been the case; the reality has become more complex. The cities which have been built to address such problems has created a host of new challenges, this challenges will be the same in the next 50 years.
The 1999 Annual Conferencing, established to look at the legacy of the 1949 Act specially made a survey through urban scholars by ranking the key influences shaping the future and the past. Their keywords of the survey were; development, demographics, and policy. The scholars rated the highest and lowest influencer’s policies; the highest was Interstate Act and the dominance of automobile, lastly urban riots of the 1960s, these were based on the past 50 years, on the next 50 years the highest was the growing disparity of wealth while the lowest is racial integration.