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Revamped Redbook Magazine to Debut with October IssueRedbook magazine basically encompasses professionally valid, practical and relevant advice on fashion, beauty, health and domestic issues. In each issue of Redbook magazine a different celebrity is found adorning the cover followed by an in-depth interview inside the magazine for quenching the thirst of the people that they have for their hot celebrities. The theme of the Redbook magazine revolves around “love your life” and each issue focuses primarily on that. This essay is actually intended to deeply analyze the latest, that is to say, September 2010 issue of this magazine. September 2010 issue has brought with itself many riveting articles and professional tips that many women definitely crave for, in deed.

Actually, this magazine due to its home and relationships, beauty and fashion-oriented impression is more wildly anticipated among women than men. The distinctive aura of the latest issue of this magazine can be clearly felt and observed due to the many enchanting articles from the professional tips for maintaining magic in love and mouth-watering reliable recipes for rustling up great food to everything that is expected to be in and popular in the world of fashion and beauty in this winter.

Julianna Margulies is the cover girl for the September 2010 issue of the magazine, who is considered no stranger by the people when it comes to magazine covers. Margulies looks quite hot and hugely admirable on the cover followed by an animated interview inside in which she talks about the spiraling trend of infidelity that is influencing Hollywood right now. The deep message conveyed by Margulies is that when one has already a lot of things and tiresome issues to cope with, cheating-oriented distractions appeal less and chances of infidelity plummet down.

It can be judged form this that Redbook magazine is really not all about glitz and glamour of fashion spiced by the humorless and unreal celebrity gossip. Fantasist and superficial articles are just not this magazine’s things. In the September 2010 issue, we do not only find alluring and not-too-provocative but pleasantly appealing pictures of the cover-celebrity Juilanna Margulies, but there is also a lot of genuinely purposeful talk inside the magazine, that can benefit a lot of women readers since most of the things in addition to the in-depth interview of Margulies included in the magazine hold meaning and message, with its little share of sex appeal. No matter how many beautiful and appealing women the magazine selects for the cover, there will be expected always something innovative and out-and-out genuine with the way in which each issue presents it self.

This issue is undoubtedly no different from the previous ones when it comes to the soaring popularity.

This magazine has reportedly survived and triumphed over others, and the way women present themselves in the magazine has major share in the success. It is still enjoying its position in the mainstream success and craftily managing to bag hot of the hottest celebrities like Julianna Margulies, and still supporting catchy and sporty headlines like “Jeans that slim you instantly! ” In the September 2010 issue, striking and slender female models poise inside the magazine sporting skinny jeans and lots of different looks and trends in jeans are introduced. New clothing lines are displayed magnificently through flawless modeling, which is the hallmark of Redbook magazine.

The main attraction of the latest issue of this magazine is the front cover of course which shows Margulies rocking sporty pair of jeans that is perfect for the fall season. Nowhere in the whole magazine can be noticed unnecessary flesh display or salacious immoralities. Style is there but it is successfully presented in a graceful way with just the right amount of sex appeal and that can be granted since the magazine is going after young readers especially.

This makes it a major source of anticipation and admiration among women, who can benefit in innumerable ways through the beautiful clothes displayed gracefully by dazzling models. According to Jones (2010), the Redbook magazine has made giant leaps in the past few months and considering the soaring popularity of the magazine among readers and the last couple of issues (August and September), this has proved to be much interesting and useful. Summing up, this much becomes clear from the analysis of the September 2010 issue of Redbook magazine that the end result presented by the team behind this loved magazine is simply adorable.

The key point is that this issue has at least something for almost every person from every age group. Work cited: Jones, Michelle. “Revamped Redbook Magazine to Debut with October Issue. ” 17 Sep. 2010. Web. 19 Sep. 2010. < http: //www. homemagascene. com/2010/09/revamped-redbook-magazine-to-debut-with-october-issue. html#more>

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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