Animal Collective-Safer - Experimental Band from Baltimore with Experimental Music – Essay Example

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The paper “ Animal Collective-Safer - Experimental Band from Baltimore with Experimental Music”   is a  breathtaking example of an essay on music. The animal collective is a sound experimental band whose origin is Baltimore, Maryland. The band discovered experimental music way back in high school in 2005. Experimental music is one that is made with pure sound and textures. It is in high school that the band started doing walls of drones with delay pedals and guitars and screaming into mics. Music is a ubiquitous, cross-cultural activity that is usually found in every human culture.

Different individuals demonstrate various preferences for music. The preferences for music are usually based on the affective reactions of the listener to excerpt music from various musical genres. While analyzing an audio recording, it is very important to know what kind of information seems relevant and where that information can be extracted from. Also, it is important to note the amount of information that particular audio carries and how much of that information is linkable to the cultural or contextual sources, (Ferris, 2012) In analyzing animal collective, safer I will dwell on the following issues as raised by the music itself.

One, I will focus on the acoustic features of the audio. For this feature, I will focus on the pitch, intensity, and duration to know whether it is high or low level. In addition, my focus will be on the musical features such as intervals, dynamics, harmony, rhythm, key, tonality, tempo, and instruments. Also, I will also dwell on the complex concepts of the audio recording such as emotion, genre, mood, and expression. Previous studies have brought forward five factors structures that are used to describe genre-free music.

In music, we have the mellow factor that presents relaxing and smooth music. Also, there is the Urban that brings forth percussive and rhythmic music mostly found in funk, acid jazz, and rap. In addition, there is a sophisticated factor that is for classical music and intense factor for forceful, energetic and loud music. Lastly, there is campestral music that is for roots and direct music for country and singer-songwriter music. Safer is a genre- free music under the intense factor. The structure of the song safer by the animal collective is made up of three short melodies.

Two of the three melodies are repeated over and over again. A chorus is defined as lyrical words in a song that are repeated with very little or no change throughout the song. The chorus mostly carries the song title and often gives the listener a general idea about the song. The chorus for this specific song is: oh, oh, man and things have reformed in the snow-filled lake and river where there used to experience waves, I feel deranged, they’ re building beaches inside, so it’ s sunny all May, I don’ t know, I think it’ s strange, cause I know we met before I cannot place it, I don’ t know if there’ s any real danger, but the creatures all know that it’ s safer in the dark.

It is the most remembered song by the listener, (Animal Collective & Campfire Songs (Musical group), 2010).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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