Maple Leaf Foods Inc – Essay Example

The paper "Maple Leaf Foods Inc" is a marvelous example of a marketing essay.
Maple leaf food Inc. was established in 1927 under the name of Canada Packers. Over the recent years, the Company changed its name after undergoing some mergers. Maple leaf changed its name from Canada Packers which was a meat processing Company after merging with Maple Leaf Mills Limited in 1991(Rich History, 2012). This move solidified Maple Leaf’s dominance in the agribusiness industry in Canada. This was because Packers was the largest meat processing Company while Maple leaf Company was an amalgamation of five companies. In this essay, I will analyze Maple’s competitive structure as well as discuss its macro environmental factors.
Maple’s Leaf food Inc. is Canada’s leader in the meat processing industry. Since its inception, the Company has been associated with lots of mergers, which has been a smart move. This ensures that the Company increases its market share and eliminates some of its competitors. The Porter's five forces have for the most part worked in favor of the Company. First, due to the huge investment associated with the industry, many Companies shy away from an entry in the industry. Secondly, the fact that Maple Leaf has been in the industry for almost a century gives them an edge. In addition, the market has fewer substitutes to deal with since Maple Leaf Foods had been in the business of acquiring other business. However, over the recent years, Maple Leaf Foods Inc. has been struggling with its hot dog brand. Sneider Foods has been a strong competitor against Maple Leaf especially for the hot dog market. Therefore, the Company is advised to diversify its hot dog production line.