Non-Admission to Massage Therapy Examination – Essay Example

The paper "Non-Admission to Massage Therapy Examination" is a delightful example of an essay on education. I hereby appeal for a review of your decision not to grant permission for me to complete the Massage Therapy Examination, as indicated in your correspondence, dated …. While it is clear that my legal history may have influenced your decision justifiably, I wish to petition for the reconsideration of your decision. The conviction on my record dates from 7 years ago, and the courts have subsequently expunged this conviction. My remorse and desire to restore my reputation cannot be overstated, and I have done everything possible to atone for any error that I committed in my youth. During the last 7 years, my commitment to complete rehabilitation has been absolute. At present, I am gainfully employed on a part-time basis as a manicurist and have proven myself to be reliable, hard-working, and honest. In addition, I am studying full-time, in order to qualify myself for a career in education. For this reason, I am majoring in Social Science and have Education as my specialist area of concentration. I want to be a teacher and contribute positively to the futures of young people. It has become my purpose to add value to my community and the people around me and gain a reputation as someone of integrity and good values. Massage is a passion of mine, as I find it valuable and enjoyable, personally. It is also a way in which I can help people with physical rehabilitation, a means to cope with stress and to improve their health, both mental and physical. Becoming qualified in this specialization will also provide me with an additional, worthwhile means to support my continued studies in education. And, to repeat my aim, I will be contributing positively to the wellbeing of those around me by enhancing their quality of life. I am highly committed to fulfilling my aims and goals, as is clear from the busy and constructive pattern of my daily life. The process of achieving your certification will receive the same level of commitment and dedication from me, and I confirm the seriousness with which I will approach this process. This is something which I want to achieve – I will put my full energy and motivation into succeeding in this area of my life, too. I trust that the sincerity of my aims, and the evidence that I do contribute to my society in a positive and genuine manner, will enable you to reconsider your previous decision, and view my application more positively. Thank you for your consideration.