American Revolution – Essay Example

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The paper "American Revolution" is a wonderful example of a history essay. The American Revolution which was dated from 1763 was not necessarily a historical event that happened on a single day. The revolution actually started when the Spanish and Portuguese colonized much of Central and South America which made European nations including Britain to believe that in order to compete with Spain and Portugal in gaining power and prestige, they would have to set up colonies as well. With this mindset, Britain was in a quest to develop as many colonies including America, subjecting the latter to their rule and law which the Americas saw as a robbery of their own freedom (American Revolution 1761-1774, n. d.).

With this said, I would say that the American Revolution was not inevitable. This is for the reason that at the beginning of the European’ s quest for power, the Americans were only demanding from Europe to express their willingness to seriously talk about peace and wanted more autonomy from parliament but not necessarily separate from Britain entirely. However, instead of making any effort to show concessions, they decided to put down the revolt militarily which made the Americans furious and all the more wanting complete independence from Europe (American Revolution 1761-1774, n. d.).

The American Revolution which was characterized by a violent bloodshed for American rights should not have been provoked until during the preparations for the battle of New York was made because as I have mentioned above, Britain opted to involve the military in their supposedly peaceful talk with the Americans (The History Place - American Revolution: Conflict and Revolution 1775-1776, n. d.).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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