American Cinema In The 1950s (So...Would You Have Named Names ) – Essay Example

Forced to Testify I believe that had I been put in the situation where I was forced to testify, I would refuse to do so. I feel that a forced testimony is no testimony at all and in my personal opinion, testimony which is forced or obtained from a person who is not willing to give it should be doubtful when it comes to the law. Unless the person is shown to be lying outright, forcing out a testimony is perhaps not ethical at all. At the same time, I do believe that it would take a lot of courage, stamina and will power in order to keep testimony and names hidden while a person is being forced to give them up.
I do not think that I would have given names unless the names were being demanded under torture. I firmly believe that no person can withstand torture, mental or physical and every person has a breaking point that can be reached sooner or later with enough pressure and time. Therefore, if I was being tortured or placed under the threat of torture or grievous bodily harm, then to preserve my life I would have to give up the names demanded of me without hesitation since I know that with torture, that information could easily be extracted even though it may be considered unreliable (Horton, 2009). This also brings up a rather interesting question. If you were put in charge of an investigation, would you be willing to use torture to extract information which is vitally important for your objectives?
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