Alternative Energy As Beneficial And Economical Source – Essay Example

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Alternative source of as beneficial and economical source. The demand for energy in the world’s economies has led to the problems of what is called the global warming. These are effects brought about through emission of carbon dioxide from industries due to increase in industrialization. Various experts have come up with different energy sources which are considered to be friendly to the environment in quest to reducing the extent of the harmful gas emission (Jard, G., et al 2013). Alternative energy is therefore the energy sources that are considered to harmless to the natural environment (Tie, siang Fui, 2013).

They are considered to being renewable and as a result free energy. Examples of this type of energy include the wind energy, solar energy, hydroelectric energy, and geothermal energy. Form the reality of industries that are in need of energy coming up, increasing the availability of these natural sources of energy will reduce emission of carbon dioxide in the environment by a bigger percentage (Tie, siang Fui, 2013). This shows the benefits of utilizing the natural energy sources compared to the old forms of energy sources which are increasingly causing various health problems due to the harmful gasses emitted in the environment (Jard, G., et al 2013).

The entire four renewable energy source mentioned above are beneficial to the environment but wind energy is the safest of all. Wind energy proves to have many advantages favoring the environment compared to the forms of energy (cardeners, Roberto, et al 2013). The first advantage of wind energy is its little cause to the global warming. Various activities done by people have led to increase in the emission of harmful gases to the atmosphere.

These gases deplete the ozone layer leading to the phenomena of global warming. Wind energy helps in reduction of these effects as it produces wry insignificant carbon dioxide to the environment. Form the data by the international panel on the climate change (Nelson, Vaughn 2013). Solar energy produces about 0.07 to 0.2 pounds of carbon dioxide, geothermal produces about 0.1 to 0.2, hydroelectric produces about 0.2 to 0.6, while wind energy being the favorite produces about 0.001 to 0.03 pounds of carbon dioxide (Jard, G., et al 2013).

This is little to harm the atmosphere. How does wind energy relate to people’s health and the environment at large? . Wind energy in its production does not require any primary input like water in order to produce it unlike hydroelectric energy (Twidell, John, 2015). This ensures there is no competition with the already little resources available to the environment. Wind energy does not emit any harmful gasses to the environment unlike the energy sources like the geothermal which emits little air pollutants in its production (Khare, Vikas, et al, 2013).

Is renewable energy a wide and inexhaustible source of energy? . The strong winds across the world especially in countries that are bordering the seas and oceans provide a good source for wind energy production (Jard, G., et al 2013). This type of energy does not deplete as there is no primary input required in its production which makes it more reliable and easily accessible. Wind energy also requires little technological constraints in setting up the necessary facilities needed in its production.

This type of energy if well utilized and initiated in the society across the world can be of greater support especially in electricity requirement.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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