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Air Systems Safety and InvestigationGroup System Structure by ICAOThe group system structure by the ICAO is made up of various investigators as well as supporting specialists. According to IACO manual, any aircraft accident investigation should be directed and managed by participants in a group with defined areas of responsibility. The specialty cases have to include their expertise and reliance from the rest of the members as their application demands are of greater value into the process. There have to be defined aspects of organizational structure in the whole team, accountability of all the members and respective roles, policies that guide on the stages of development as well as procedures to be followed (Wood and Segwinis, 2006).

ICAO defines the investigation process with systematic and explicit approach of dealing with the required roles and undertaken measures for the best achievable results. All the specific details within the group’s structure and system have to be availed beforehand and relied upon every progress. Composition of the group system structure by ICAO depends on the requirements of the process, size of the involved aircraft organization as well as the extent of the accident with ramifications spreading to the entire management.

In a simple organization, the division can be enabled with two groups such as operations and engineering. The operations are concerned with the behavior and professionalism of the involved personnel in the aircraft. Engineering on the other hand ill ensure that the functionality of the involved aircraft is analyzed before and after the accident. Dekker (2007) notes that a complex investigation will require greater emphasis on the subdivision of the responsibilities within the group especially with the individualized aspects like engines, structures, human factors, interviews of the witnesses, services of the air traffic and the like.

The understanding and teamwork should be the catalyst of the process. Components and SpecialtiesThe components of the group system are classified into the various operational units. In the first personnel basis, the chief investigator of accidents is top most officials, while other members encompass the groups. The investigator in charge, who may or not be the Chief Investigator, communications and control, accredited representative state of registry, senior police officer, and media liaison are all part of the group.

In addition, airworthiness authority, accredited representative state of manufacture, participants from other state comprise the yielded team. The duty of the group and its personnel is to ensure that the investigative process is achieved with the highest standards of professionalism, accountability and jurisprudence is followed (Schubert, 2009). The personnel members involved in the respective groups are briefed on the set objectives and goals of achievement in the process, as the demand for speedy reports and finalization is needed. At the second level of group and personnel organization, operational groups form the decentralized system units for the structure’s formation.

They might comprise part or whole of the set units by ICAO standards and requirements. The operations group focuses on the review of the conduct of the actual flight operation, company pilot, manufacturer and the state registry roles in the accidents. The witness group ensures that all records of what was seen or heard is relevant. The structure group takes charge of the investigator, manufacture’s representative, advisor to the manufacturers and to the rules required.

According to Krause (2009), the ATC is concerned with the radar issues connected to the incidents of independent ATS officer while the weather group accounts for the operation demands in the lead up to any interference that might have caused the accident. The final group that can be included with personnel is the power plant it is concerned with the engineering mechanisms as conditioned by investigator, engine manufacturer’s representative, adviser to the state as well as the manufacturer.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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