Kenya and Somali Officials Call for Global Support – Essay Example

The paper "Kenya and Somali Officials Call for Global Support " is an excellent example of an essay on politics. According to the New York Times “Africa”, government officials led by the two countries’ premiers met in the Kenya capital; Nairobi to discuss their joint war against the al-shabab Islamic militias. These officials confirmed their joint efforts to wipe out the militias who have close links with the Al-Qaeda, and cause a security threat both to the interim Somali government and its neighbors. These calls came after contradicting reports from doctors and the Kenyan military claiming that an airstrike had hit a humanitarian camp and killed five civilians, but the Kenyan army claimed they hit an armed militia’s van, which escaped towards, that camp and exploded owing to the ammunition aboard causing the damages to the camp. Although the hundreds of Kenyan forces fighting in Somalia are well trained and heavily equipped with tankers, they lack experience in the foreign war fields because Kenyan has never gone to war in a foreign soil before. This inexperience is forcing the two countries to seek assistant from European countries and the US although they did not mention specific states. The forces have concentrated this operation in the southern region which has been Shabab’s stronghold after African Union troops drove them out of Somali capital; Mogadishu. In my opinion, I think foreign powers should respond to these calls bearing in mind that this militia has destabilized the Somali government for over ten years making the region prone to insecurity. This situation has not only affected Kenya, but also the world economies at large considering the frequent piracy cases in the region. The close links between the Shabab and al-Qaida would also make this region a hideout for such groups if they are not dealt with in time.