Advocating for Patients with Suspicious Injuries or Illnesses – Essay Example

The paper "Advocating for Patients with Suspicious Injuries or Illnesses" is an exceptional example of an essay on nursing.
Nurses must always be champions of advocacy for the patients including those showing signs and symptoms of physical abuse. According to King (2015) in circumstances where the nurses are of the view that the health and the wellbeing of the patient are in jeopardy, they will have to lead the line to call for proper care and look for resources to be used. Moreover, they can advocate for the patient’s rights by changing the policies that require improvement. In other circumstances, they fulfill this responsibility by being the voice of the patients in the interprofessional teams so as to promote and optimize patient care.
Major challenges to Patient Advocacy
While advocating for the patients, nurses face several challenges that affect their work in one way or the other. Lack of support is perhaps the most critical issue. Some nurses are not accorded the required support to advocate for the patients (Cole, Wellard & Mummery, 2014). Limited communication between the patient and the nurse may also jeopardize the process. Lack of motivation due to the existing frustrating policies may also affect the ability of the nurse to advocate for the patients.
Strategies for Overcoming the Challenges
To deal with the issue of support, nurses need to enlighten each other on the importance of patient advocacy. A comprehensive education plan on patient advocacy can help deal with the support issue. Secondly, there is a need for the BSN nurses to be aware of the needs of the patients to know when to advocate for them (Cole, Wellard & Mummery, 2014). Finally, nurses must acquire knowledge and necessary skills through in-service education to be effective in advocating for patients.