Banning Junk Food Advertisements – Essay Example

The paper "Banning Junk Food Advertisements " is an excellent example of an essay on social science. Since a few decades, the advertising field has transformed into a billion-dollar industry that has now become a major component of human society. Experts believe that an average person, especially children spend hours watching advertisements every week that indicates the evident and significant impact of advertisements on individuals, particularly children that are in the phase of learning new things from the environment and making it a part of their lives. Banning junk food advertisements has been a controversial issue for a few years, as more and more companies are now advertising junk foods that have increased the demand for junk foods in a significant manner. Experts (Mechanic, pp. 110, 2005) have indicated that junk food is one of the fundamental causes of obesity that is now occurring in children from a young age.
In this regard, it has now become very important to take every possible step that can deter the causes and factors that promote junk food eating, and subsequently, result in the increment of a number of health-related issues, such as obesity, cholesterol, and even cardiac diseases. Although parents and teachers have a very significant and crucial role to play in guiding children in terms of their eating habits, however, it is a fact that even with strict monitoring; interactive means of advertisement attracts and convinces children easily to consume junk foods. Thus, in personal opinion, banning junk food advertisements will be a step forward in the direction of creating a healthy society in the future. A number of adversaries (Mechanic, pp. 110, 2005) of this school of thought argue that such ban will make no difference, and parents should involve in their children’s lives by encouraging exercises and proper diet. However, banning or at least discouraging such advertisements, particularly those that aim children directly will play a significant role in discouraging junk food eating that begins with luxury and becomes a habit and necessity for children.