The Art of Advertising – Essay Example

The paper "The Art of Advertising" is an outstanding example of a marketing essay. This paper will analyze an advertisement of the Heat perfume, which incorporates Beyoncé Knowles as its icon. The advert matches to the ordinary standards of perfume marketing whereby the icon – Beyoncé – is centrally adding the element of importance, as well as dominance to the product. Also, a sense of Beyoncé’s dominance is portrayed by the fact that the perfume is placed slightly at the lower part of the advert. Connotations of red comprise of lust, heat, pain, sensuality, empowerment, and love. This is represented through Beyoncé’s facial expression that has been improved by the lighting. "Catch the fever" mantra implies a feeling that it is a bad thing that people need, which contradicts the goal of a fever that is something people do not want. The ad also proposes a sexual, as well as lustful feeling, implying that purchasing this product will make people feel or act the same way. The advert, in reality, is a good advert. It is extremely interesting. According to Williams (2010), an advertisement has to focus on the likes of its target audience in order to build its market, and the Heat advert this did extremely well. It also has to come up with interesting techniques, which are unique. The ad’s target audience or individuals attracted to the commodity are mostly people aged at 20 to 40. We live in a promiscuous world and such ages – 20 to 40 – are where people feel most promiscuous (Williams, 2010). Therefore, there would be no better product that gives them the sexual feeling than this product.