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The paper "Advantages of Getting to Know the English" is a wonderful example of an English essay. Arguably, English the most widely used language globally. The language, which originated in the Anglo-Saxon empires of England, is currently used as the formal language in the European Union and all Commonwealth countries (Widin, 2010). This is to say that besides being an international language, English is exceptionally important since it facilitates regional cohesion and integration. The language is used as a first language in a good number of states, especially across Europe. People have given many reasons as to why learning the English language is important with most scholars citing education as the principal reason.

With the rate at which globalization is taking root in many spheres of life ranging from education to business, knowledge of the language is inevitably critical. This is because operating globally requires effective communication and correspondence. This paper seeks to explain the various advantages of learning some English. Among the most notable advantages of knowing the English language is that it enhances effectiveness and convenience in the tourism sector (Bartram, 2010).

It is critical to point out that Europe is among the places with the richest and most attractive features. Being the home to most of the wonders of the modern world, Europe is arguably an attractive haven. As such, people from all over the world visit the attraction sites. It can be quite inconvenient for a person to visit the places if they cannot communicate with the natives of the region. This is because the tourists will not be in a position to understand the history of the sites.

Knowing the facts about the area requires that the tourist be well versed in the English language. It is of the essence to point out that a greater part of the tourist population across the world is English speaking people. They come from Europe and many of the English speaking states of America. Most of the tourist destinations across the world either have English as their second language or do not know it at all (Cappellini, 2005). For instance, west and central Africa are among the most admired tourist targets globally.

Unfortunately, the natives of the region do not speak English as French is the formal language with their native languages being the national languages. Tourist activities in the region are curtailed by the lack of proper communication. It, therefore, becomes important that people should learn the English language as a means of improving the tourism industry. The tourist activities could probably have a considerable outcome on the financial system of a country. This gives more reason why it is advantageous for the citizens of a country to learn the English language. The second advantage that accrues to the learning of the English language is the idea that the world of commerce is embracing globalism at a very high rate.

All business entities are going global with the introduction of e-commerce. The developments in know-how have made the globe a small community since communication and transactions can be executed over the internet (Mayo, 2003). As such, business corporations have ventured into the global markets with the aim of expanding their sales. English can be said to be the official business language for international business.

This is because many of the online trading interfaces are designed in English. Additionally, many of the business websites are designed in English. The basic assumption is that for one to succeed in any global business deals and transactions, they must be conversant with the use of the English language. It, therefore, is a significant advantage to learn the English language. It is for this reason that China has significantly invested in the language as a way of expanding its international business strategy that should supposedly make it the biggest economy in the world. The third advantage of learning the English language is the fact that it helps an individual advance in pursuing higher education.

In the modern world, education has gone global. Today, the numbers of Asian students learning in American universities constitute a significant fraction of the entire schooling population (Mercer & Swann, 1996). This is so, following the growing popularity of e-learning which is popularly referred to as distance learning. Also known as open learning; this option has attracted a good number of foreign students to study in American and European universities.

It is quite unfortunate that such students encounter serious trouble in trying to understand their studies. This trouble is caused by the language barrier that stands between such students and their instructors. The language barrier has been identified as a serious social cost. This is because the students take substantial time in studying English as a preparatory move before they start their studies as international students (Mayo, 2003). It may take up to a full calendar year for a student to learn the English language.

This causes delays in the career development process. It as well translates to a serious wastage in man-hours. To avoid such conveniences later in life, one should learn the English language as early in life as possible. A child that learns the English school cannot encounter the problems that other students come across. With the globalization of higher learning, learning English is one of the wisest decisions an individual can take. The fourth reason why learning English is advantageous is the fact that English is the single most prominently used language in the entertainment industry (Cappellini, 2005).

It is an issue of general understanding that most of the movies and music and art are done in English. Arguably, Hollywood is the largest producer of movies in the world today. Movies are the most common form of audio-visual entertainment among the youthful population. However, it is only the English literate individuals that can access the entertainment in the movies and songs. As such, it becomes important that one should possess knowledge of the language at all costs if they ever want to get the value in the pieces of entertainment done in English. The fifth advantage of getting to know the English is the actuality that technology, which is an integral part of everyday life is English oriented since most of the applications and programs are designed in English (Widin, 2010).

For instance, all social networks such as the famous Face book and twitter are designed in English. It is not because the designers are English people but because a large part of the world populace is English speaking. Such sites are arguably the largest socializing arenas in the modern world.

Through the sites, people manage to make new friends, learn about life outside their home countries and engage in business deals. It is therefore advantageous to learn the English language as it can open up an individual’ s social world. Other advantages that accrue to learning English include the need for immigration, for instance through the acquisition of American green cards. English can as well be a tool for achieving peaceful coexistence and d unity. The European Union is the most appropriate illustration for this point.


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