Adjusting and Adapting Other Culture – Essay Example

The paper "Adjusting and Adapting Other Culture " is a brilliant example of an essay on social science. It is a fact the world over that adjusting within a new culture is always a difficult task, to begin with. The earliest days are the most strenuous ones since the person undergoes a great deal of stress and unfamiliarity. Same was the case with me when I moved in from Spain in 1959. I did not know anything about English and hence this was a huge problem for me. Luckily I was surrounded by people who helped me immensely and taught me the dos and don’ts of this language as well as the culture in essence. I was very easily able to adjust to the culture that I had come to adopt. However, I would absolutely agree with the fact that a new culture is usually very hard for a person to call home (Oin-Hilliard 2004). I was devastated in the beginning when I felt that nothing was mine in the new land and that I missed Spain so much in those times. However, now everything has changed for the better and this is a very good thing that has happened to me. With the help and assistance of people, adjusting within a new culture becomes an easy task. Adapting a new culture as one’s own however takes a good amount of time and patience and same has been the case with me as well. I have learned English as well as made new friends now. This has helped me in my proper grooming within society. I am proud of bringing about such a good difference within my life.