How to Put On a Coat – Essay Example

The paper "How to Put On a Coat" is a good example of an essay on English. As a senior Officer in the Indian AirForce (IAF), I have always had servants at my beck and call. My valet was responsible for preparing and laying out my Dress, while I took a shower. I say Dress, because the IAF has twelve separate uniforms, each meant for a specific occasion. My Staff Officer would fill in my diary of engagements and dress code and my reasonably educated valet would check my diary as a matter of form. It was his responsibility to remind me of my program, get my Dress ready and wait for me to emerge from the bathroom. I would cast a glance over the entire outfit and approve it as suitable for the occasion. Most Dresses had either tunics or coats. My valet would hold the upper half up for me and assist me in putting it on. This explanation should account for the first observation. Today, I have to put on my coat myself, as I have retired from service. Coming to the second point, I pick my suit from the sets hanging in my wardrobe and always lay it out on my bed and check to see if a quick press is required. I am pretty nifty at handling the light iron, and use it mostly on my shirt-front, the lapels of my coat and the crease in my trousers where it had been folded when placed in the hanger. I can see why the query about the phrase ‘when you have just a coat and nothing else’ has been made. I could have worded it better. Please amend that statement to read as follows:

‘The most widely used method is when you have to put on your coat by yourself, directly after taking it off its hanger.’
I cannot really see why the fourth doubt arose. If you read the previous paragraph, you will notice that I have written, “Bring your bunched left fist up to touch your right cheek, fold your right arm so that you can use the fingers on your right hand to replace the left. Now move your fist backward towards the center of your neck.” Anyway, let me elaborate. You can only bring your bunched left fist up by folding your left arm. When I say fist, I mean that part of your hand opposing your palm, extending to your knuckles. Your fist should touch your cheek at the point where your jawbone ends. Now fold your right arm so that the fingers on the right hand come up immediately adjacent to the fingers on the left hand and a quick changeover of fingers can be done. The fingers on the left hand have been freed. Let us now come back to the paragraph under query. I have just explained what I mean by ‘Slide your right arm in fully and fold your right arm so that the fingers on your right hand replace the left.’ Your left arm is free. Twist it behind your back to grasp the coat at the notch in the lapel. If you now release your grip of the lapel with your left hand and slide your fingers downward, you may find the armhole. But I do not recommend this procedure. The main body of your coat is dangling behind your back and needs better control. This is achieved by sliding your right fist along your neckline to reach the midpoint of the back of your neck. Most of the right half of the coat tautens automatically, particularly the front half and a much larger portion of the coat moves towards your left arm. Now, release your grip of the lapel with your left hand and slide your fingers downward. You will be surprised to find the armhole almost next to your fingers. Slide your left arm in. I have already listed the final steps to becoming a fastidious and well-dressed person.