The Success of Saudi Arabias E-Government Program Yesser – Essay Example

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The paper “ The Success of Saudi Arabia’ s E-Government Program Yesser” is an excellent example of an essay on information technology. The purpose of this study is evaluating the success of Saudi Arabia’ s e-Government program Yesser with respect to its usability and design. The significance of this study will be that it will identify loopholes or shortcomings in Yesser. A “ questionnaire survey” methodology will be used. The current status of Yesser and satisfaction level will be found as a result of this study. IntroductionGovernments around the world have realized the importance of e-government and have started employing it.

The main idea of this paper is to understand the process of E-Government. The significance of this paper is that it will add to the existing literature on the topic of E-Government by assessing the current status of usability of e-government websites and the extent to which e-government websites are accessible to disabled people. The paper will also be of great value to the government in Saudi Arabia as it aimed at finding out the satisfaction level of citizens of Saudi Arabia about e-government and will also involve a SWOT analysis of the Saudi E-government websites.

This paper is a research proposal to conduct complete research to accomplish the above-mentioned objectives (significances). The existing literature on E-Government is first reviewed followed by research methodology and conclusion. ConclusionSaudi Arabia’ s Yesser (e-Government program) has been well designed but studies have indicated that there are various aspects that need to be improved in order for the program to more effective and efficient. This paper is aimed at evaluating Yesser program with respect to its usability and design.

A “ questionnaire survey” research methodology will be used and primary limitation of the study is that due to huge “ population of the study” the “ sample” might not be an accurate representation of the population. Findings of this study: Assessment of current status Yesser.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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