Obama's Health Care Speech – Essay Example

The paper "Obama's Health Care Speech " is a good example of an essay on politics. Obama after taking charge of his office has announced many reforms in order to improve the previous reforms and improve the condition of the USA when it comes to several issues. Such a reform introduced by Obama in the recent days is the Health Care Reform. The reform underlines all the relating issues of health care pertaining to the people of the USA. It takes into view all these issues and provides a solution to these issues. As stressed by the President the issues pertaining to health care have increased in the USA in recent years. Proper care is not provided to the health of the individuals living in the USA because of which these individuals suffer in the long term to maintain their health. In particular, the health care reforms refer to the insurance policies that the individuals have or should have. As put forward by the President the reforms can be outlined as to provide individuals more benefits regarding their current health insurance policy, providing insurance policies to those who are devoid of it and lower the costs of insurance policies with relation to the general sectors of the community. The main features of the plan outlaid were that it would assure the individuals of the proper coverage by the insurance policy i.e. their insurers would not be able to let down the insurance by taking away their coverage in the times when it would be needed the most. Moreover, a person who has a history of diseases would also be provided coverage by the insurance companies. Thus it would mean that the insured would be given enough leniencies so that they are able to get rid of their illness and diseases through proper medical care. Secondly, the reform laid out plans to provide the non-insured group of people with proper coverage by the insurance companies. This would be done by creating a competitive market for these groups thus it would lead to reduced prices for these groups. And lastly, the reforms put forward a scheme because of which it would be mandatory for all the individuals living in the USA to have a health care plan. The small businesses would also be liable to pay for the health coverage of their workers unless they are exempted by the special criteria of narrow profit margins. The proposal given by Obama is considered to be socially oriented which does not take into account the economies of scale. It does not provide the insurance companies with many benefits but rather takes their benefits by making them more responsible for providing individuals with health care. Some also consider this proposal towards increasing the budget-oriented towards health care thereby decreasing the overall budget for other necessary things. From my perspective, the health care plan is a necessity for all the individuals and everyone should be provided with this right. This would not only help them to overcome their hard times but would also ensure that their minor illnesses are treated with the proper health care plan.