Racism in Australian Schools – Essay Example

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The paper "Racism in Australian Schools" is a wonderful example of an essay on sociology. Racism reigns in a society where persons view one race to be superior to another through virtue of economic merits or express accomplishments they have completed. In such a situation, one race may intimidate another by making them feel inferior and consequently lead to tumbling their aggregate output by the victims of racism. In the current globalization era people live in today, barriers such as travel and communication that had previously hindered the interaction of distinct races have been broken to bring into being a society that has to contend and appreciate the dynamism that the world around them has to offer.

It is quite evident, countries or regions that have welcomed the issue of diversity into their society seem to be more developed both economically and general advancement (Arber, 2009). This paper pays attention to the general impact of racism in Australian schools and the ways in which it can be curbed. As racism is mostly perpetuated towards the minority, the paper strives to elucidate on the plight of indigenous Australians who face racism at school.

Racism is very prevalent in Australian schools, and as such, this paper aims at articulating the adversities that result from it and puts forward tentative solutions to the vice. Impact of Racism on Indigenous Australian in Schools The general impact of racism in schools has overall detrimental effects on the victims, the perpetrators, and the education system as a whole. This takes many forms, and to completely look at the effects, one has to disjoint the points above and look at individual effects.

This section looks at the general influence of the vice on the Australian indigenous child at school. It is estimated that 75% of all indigenous children have faced racism in their life particularly at school (Paradies, 2005). what are the outcomes of these actions? Plunged Performance One and the most common consequence of racism against the Aboriginals in school is that it adversely affects their performance in school. One of the key reasons why racists perpetuate these actions is because they revel in making others (victims) feel more inferior in most ways.

Taking the scenario of a school setting, the racist particularly aims at making other races (mostly Aboriginals) feel more intellectually inferior (Paradies, 2005). The end result is that some victims amidst the harsh environment around them may somewhat come to accept a lie. Their performance in class may decline. To add to this, and considering that there is a vast array of attributes than one learns in the school other than education. Students acquire other crucial elements in school such as communication, patience, courage, and ways to solve conflicts. A student that is pushed down under racism influence is less likely to acquire these traits that may prove very imperative in the rest of an individual’ s life.

This means that a simple or commonly shunned issue of racism in schools has adverse outcomes even after decades after been perpetuated. Low Esteem The Aboriginals form the minority of the aggregate Australian population including those in schools. As 75% of all Aboriginals students in schools have endured racism, the adverse upshots of exposure to the vice cause low esteem. It may seem like a negligible upshot but its consequents are really detrimental.

To make matters worse, in the present world we live in where people easily interact with one another, one person’ s flaw has an impact on numerous people’ s lives. The defective is mostly passed to a close person in the victim’ s life (Paradies, 2005).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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