Basic Human Needs – Essay Example

The paper "Basic Human Needs" is an outstanding example of an essay on social science. Every human being views his or her life as different from other people which are generally attributed to their upbringing that mainly includes their cultural environment among many other factors. During my formative years, I have had the opportunity to mingle with people from different cultural backgrounds and I have always wondered about their expectations and aspirations in life as I once believed that one’s cultural environment will definitely have a profound influence on their thought process. For example, a person from the tribal community would have a strong attachment with nature and family in contrast to one who has been bought up in an urban lifestyle. However, from the knowledge that I had gained over the years has taught me that despite the differences in culture and upbringing the basic human needs of a person will always remain the same. This, I have mainly learned from all the elderly people from various cultures who I have known as neighbors and as family friends. I had made an effort to constantly listen and be attentive during my conversation with them and have also consciously followed their lives, in order to get a better and clearer understanding of their needs and whether their culture has had an influence on it. Over the many years of observation and interaction, I have come to the conclusion that culture does in no way change the basic requirements of a person. Their outlook to life and living pattern and conditions may vary but the needs of every person will remain the same. Hence despite the differences in the language, the way of talking, eating habits, family ties and other cultural differences, every person wishes to be happy, keep their near and dear ones happy, lead a contented life and try to pass it on to the next generation. These basic human needs have not changed due to any cultural influence and I believe that they will remain the same for many generations to come.