E-Business Venture – Essay Example

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The paper "E-Business Venture" is an excellent example of an e-commerce essay. There is a wide range of E-business models that a business can adopt for generation of revenue. E-Commerce is an internet-based business platform that allows a business to conduct its operations and marketing activities using online measures. The purpose of any business model (including e-business models) is to identify the specific methods that the business will implement to position its value chain for earning revenue (Singh, 2002). One of the useful e-business models is a B2C model which implies that a business can sell commodities to consumers through online platform without having them visiting any physical location (Turban et. al, 2012).

In e-commerce, B2C marketing model is gaining significant importance due to consumers’ preference towards online shopping. This paper aims at developing a proposal regarding a new website that will be selling pre-cooked food for the consumers of Sydney. Recently, it has been observed that busy work hours prevent individuals from visiting stores for buying groceries and other products necessary for cooking. Consequently, it has given rise to an increasing demand for home delivery of food items.

Since home delivery on regular basis can be expensive, we have decided to establish an online B2C platform from where consumers can purchase food products along with the choice of ingredient they want therein. Primarily, the company will be selling local dishes under Asian and Thai cuisines. The venture aims at establishing a website that sells ingredients of certain cuisines to consumers of Sydney. For making the buying experience of consumers hassle-free and comfortable, the site will comprise a list of various food recipes whose raw ingredients will be to an appended respective recipe from where customers can select the specific item and its amount that they want to buy.

A consumer can place the order online and depend upon preparation time, it will be delivered between 15 to 45 minutes. Additionally, the company will ensure that orders that will be placed before 5:30 pm will be delivered the same day. The business requires a start-up capital of 5000 Australian dollars. The fund will be primarily invested in the establishment of the website, marketing, and promotion of the business.

The capital will also be used to buy various assets for the business and covering production and other indirect expenses such as delivery cost. The revenue will be measured in terms of the number of items being sold. Alongside, the ingredients that the consumers are adding to the dishes will be charged an addition. The company will add Spanish and Italian recipes as and when the business grows in terms of its operations so that it can cater to the needs of the travelers, who are visiting Sydney.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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