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3D Graphics, Animation design and production. Introduction: Watching an Animation movie is a thrill and excitement not only for kids but for everyone. The characterization of unseen objects and unimaginable events becomes eye catching in an animation movie which is supported by good audio visual effects. The revolution in computer technology has immensely changed the face of animation industry. In the original 2D frame by frame technique, the effect of motion was created by filming a series of human paintings and playing them at high speeds. According to NTSC video broadcasting standards refered by Alkenmrs (2001) the typical speed may be 14 to 30 frames per second.

In this method the creation of main and intermediate frames consumed a lot of time. Now, due to computer graphic technology, these intermediate frames are constructed by the software rather than by artists. This gives the animators to spend more time on creative thinking. Also the rapid evolution of many softwares in this field and their amazing audio visual effects enables the animators to go for 3D animation production. Advantages of 3D animation: Computers can draw any characters that an artist can hardly draw by hand.

The 3D effects offered by the computer can surpass all the other animators. The realization and rendering and the expression of characters are extremely good. Using 3D animation any image or event can be expressed easily. For example the image of the structure of an atom, space probe situations, events like collision and bomb explosion can be simulated with perfection without any hard work and risk. The painting, shading and lighting effects can be simulated and experienced to get a perfect output.

The computer does all the complex calculations about movement of the images. The various tools involved in modeling, editing, simulation, lighting and sound can be synchronized in one software which enables cost effective production compared to any action movie production. Concept realization in 3D animation: Man is the creator of any animation, he uses the computer as a tool to realize his imaginary concept. For an animation movie the beginning is an original story, so as in any action movie. After finalizing the story, the story supervisor hands over the concept to an art director who concentrates on choosing the proper characters and their way of expression.

The concept is first realized on a primitive storyboard. The storyboard preparation is a very important task as it decides the flow of the sequence of scenes in the final animated movie. The preparation of story board is manual in the begining. Then the art director takes the help of a sculptor to plan the character in a 3D space, this enables the animator to visualize the character in a 3D environment.

With the aid of the software the characters are rendered in a 3D space in terms of width, length and depth. Using digitalizers the animator commands the software to assign details like the color, shading, movement and the perspective of the image in the virtual stage so that is becomes a visual character.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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