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PUBLIC RELATIONS PLAN PROPOSALTopic: A public relations plan proposal for Newcastle City. This is a proposal for the development of a public relations plan for Newcastle City; the plan will include all the communication plans and public relation strategies for the company. Target publicThe public relation plan is developed in an attempt to improve the public image and perception of the company and to increase the customer base for the company’s products and services. The targeted population includes: The Newcastle city residents. Businesses Suppliers, distributors and other stakeholdersThe current and prospective consumers of the company’s products and services. Strategy The plan shall be developed by first assessing the situation in the company.

This will include identification of the company’s vision, mission, objectives and goals. It will also entail an assessment of the operations and activities carried out in the company, how these operations are carries out and who is in charge of the various activities. This will provide a clear understanding of the communication channels and protocols which are important in the creation of the communication plan. An assessment of the stakeholders, the consumers, shareholders and the prospective customers shall be done to provide an understanding of the range of consumers and their needs, the suppliers and all other stakeholders in order to provide a clear understanding of the public in order to create an effective public relation plan. Research and situational analysis (SWOT)Newcastle City is situated in the New South Wales and has a declining population of over 154,000 people.

It is a town famous for coal mining and exports. Other minerals are copper, soap and steel. Strengths: Newcastle City has real concentration of talent where most of its youthful generation and middle age are pro technology and communications.

This city has numerous educational and research institutions who are developing the literate digital workforce. Historically, the city is the largest and second oldest in New South Wales. This has provided a great history of business friendliness through provision of talented human resource. It boasts of a world class infrastructure that has been complimented by the unique lifestyle and pace of the city. Weaknesses: The Australian city is still seen as an industrial hub with many people still focused on the aftermath of industrial revolution.

The digital readiness is still low as compared to the exposure most residents have attained. Despite being knowledge based economy there is still some reluctance to increase the uptake of digital media and applications. The high speed broadband network is still underway and it seem the residents are yet to learn the importance of digital economic revolution before applying in their daily activities. Opportunities: The city has adorable infrastructure comprising of a rail, air, world class broadband of which it has been prioritized by the National Broadband Network Program of the Australian government.

The connection speed is super with connections to many businesses and households. The city is actually a driving steering for Australia’s economy owing to their possession of the knowledge based economy. The government is committed at all levels to support domestic business and academic institutions which are provided with unrestricted access to incubator programs and business support services. The people have the capability to network on both social and commercial environments while enthusiastic on generating new ideas, partnership and innovation.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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