21st Century Issues For Adult, Vocational And Higher Education – Essay Example

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21st Century Issues for Adult, Vocational and Higher EducationModule 2Introduction As social, economic and technological modification gathers pace, individuals all over require to increase their skills and knowledge on a constant basis so that they can work and live significantly in the knowledge civilization. Training and education add to an individual’s personal improvement, boost their efficiency and returns at work, and ease everybody’s involvement in social and economic life. Additionally, training and education can give individuals the skills and knowledge required to generate income and increase their output there fore escaping poverty.

As a result, investing in training and education is a future investment; skills and knowledge are the engines of social development and economic growth. The international community and UNESCO have put the striving objectives to make sure that the learning requirements of all youthful individuals and also adults are met through fair access to suitable education and life skills programmes (World Forum on Education, Dakar, 2000). This endeavor to offer literacy and fundamental education for adults and the youthful generation will affect the social and economic development of nations by making sure the aptitude of people to learn and present the base for their employability and entrée do respectable work (Ben-Ari, 2005).

This essay will illustrate my experience in University, the challenges for the institution and how the institution might respond more effectively to the challenges of globalization for the benefits of students (Bennett, 2003). HIGHER EDUCATION-UNIVERSITYHigher education is becoming increasingly internationalized with more than 2.7 million students studying overseas and global student mobility is on the rise. Issues of reform, innovation, access and regional competitively in higher education have become increasingly significant.

This is elucidated by the raised concern in eminence with regards to its effects in higher education. The IMHE, as the OECD forum on higher education, bring jointly governments and higher education institutions to share paramount performances to confront these issues through a network of studies, relationships, and research (Fisser, 2001). The Australian government is dedicated to making the country one of the most learned and vastly skilled workforce internationally so as to safe guard state long term economic affluence. In the year 2008, the Australian government instigated a Review of Higher Education in order to scrutinize the potential courses of the higher education segment, its suitability for function in meeting the requirements of Australian society and economy and the preferences of the continuing reforms (Lave and Wenger, 1991).

Challenges Higher education is tremendously varied and the issues and challenges encountered by these institutions are also varied. Aspiration to learn offers the solutions- a mixture of products expertise and services to deal with these challenges and in the end facilitating these institutions attain their objectives (Ben-Ari, 2005).

Most people who are in higher education and those who are concerned as members of board of trustees, the alumni councils and campus advisory boards are acquainted with the principles of accessibility, affordability and accountability (Lave and Wenger, 1991). These values have been conferred in higher education in reaction to regional sanctioning bodies and higher education charitable associations.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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