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IntroductionThe major role of health care managers is to assist, maintains and enhances health of the entire public. Whilst individuals hold a key responsibility for personal health status, health care managers closely work with nurses, physicians and other heath professionals to help in the health care delivery process. The Dubai health authority offers a wide range of health services across diverse areas, both in the online and physical domain. Health care services are offered in three major hospitals namely Rashid hospital, Latifa hospital and Dubai hospitals. This paper looks at services provided by Dubai’s Latifa hospital, its organizational chart and management principles that can be used to improve management in the organization. Question 1Services provided by Latifa hospital Latifa hospital offers tertiary care for neonatal and maternal services entailing neonatal and pediatric surgery.

The hospital also offers treatment for metabolic and genetic cases. Latifa hospital possesses a superiorly equipped neonatal intensive care unit as well as a skilled team of health care professionals who offer global levels of maternal and neonatal care. The hospital acts as a referral hospital because it has well equipped and highly sophisticated pediatric surgery unit, fetomaternal services and neonatal intensive care unit.

Latifa hospital also offers nutritional services through the clinical nutrition section, which is dedicated to offer high quality nutrition and food services that meets the wants and surpasses the anticipations of clients. Nutrition counseling, education and intervention are proof-based and they thrive to attain best possible nutritional status in outpatients and inpatients. Latifa hospital’s dietitians are greatly trained and function as members of medical teams to make sure that referred children, infants and women gat personalized nutritional care precise to their health needs to assist in management of diseases and optimization of health.

The hospital is committed to promotion of health awareness through providing health education counseling to breastfeeding and pregnant women. Additionally, dietitians assist to expand the nutritional knowledge of the general public through offering dietary information to hospital staff as well as groups outside the hospital like community groups, schools, and parents. The Latifa hospital’s rehabilitation section offers inclusive rehabilitative service for obstetric, gynecological and pediatric patients who regularly go to outpatient clinic.

The mission of Latifa hospital is to offer and maintain highly quality, customer focused health care services in the professional atmosphere to the United Arab Emirates national children and women, and also to referrals and Dubai residents. Latifa hospital endeavors to be an employer and hospital of choice in the region through fostering a safe and friendly environment and through offering continuous education so as to lead to motivated, innovative and outstanding health care provider. Qn. 2Latifa hospital’s organizational chart According to Meyer, (2002), an organizational chart refers to a diagram that shows the structure of Latifa hospital in terms of relations among departments or personnel.

It also depicts lines of responsibility and authority. The Latifa hospital’s organizational chart is an efficient tool for enabling hospital’s managers in information sharing and planning in planning of duties in the organization. However, the organizational chart has several limitations because it only demonstrates formal relationships and fails to display deeper social relations that emerge when individuals work jointly for a universal outcome. It also does not demonstrate horizontal relationships. Another limitation of the Latifa hospital’s organizational chart is that it charts also does not visibly illustrate the managerial system used in the organization, whether democratic, autocratic or an intermediate system of management.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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