2 Individual Assignment "Leadership" – Essay Example

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Individual Assignment: LeadershipSection II: Self Reflection, IndividualLeadership entails influencing the behavior of another individual while entirely respecting the freedom of that individual. For me, leadership is less about my needs and more about the needs of the individuals I am leading. My leadership style is participative leadership style where I delegate authority and duties to my followers. I always encourage my followers to participate actively and contribute their ideas and hence I tend to involve everyone in the decision making process. The way I select my followers gives me loyal followers that faithfully follow my rules.

I am like a friend to the people I am leading and like a family to them. I am aware of everything regarding my followers and their situation as well and I always respect their situation. These things can provide me with an opportunity to have a long lifetime working together with my followers. I always like participating and being able to agree and disagree with my followers and therefore feel free to give my views and take part in decision making. On the other hand, I also give my followers an opportunity to air their opinions and contribute in decision making. Leaders should be able to delegate.

However, this is the area that I need so much improvement. This is because often I have evaded delegating some tasks for the fear that the task might be completed imperfectly. In most cases, I have the attitude that it is simpler for me to complete a particular task for it to be completed appropriately. The reason why I need improvement in delegation area is that as a leader, I am supposed to give other the chance to learn, think and develop initiative as well.

Effective delegation will also give me an opportunity to sharpen other leadership aspects, for instance communication and personal investment. Additionally, delegating also implies giving my followers an opportunity of making mistakes, which is a good way of learning. I would work best with democratic leaders since such leaders value opinions of their followers, which is an important aspect in my leadership style. Effective leadership requires close relationship between the leader and the followers, which greatly determines the success of the leader’s objective.

Without inspiring, involving and encouraging the follower, the relationship cannot be successful. As a leader, I should put more efforts in reaching out my followers in order to instigate and develop this alliance that is very important in achieving the set objectives. My leadership style would suit best in situations requiring enormous research; for example where an organization is set to launch a new product in the market and the organization needs all organizational members in researching the market condition and customer’s views regarding the new product.

In such a situation, the organizational leader will need the ideas from all the members to ensure successful launch of the product. My leadership style, participative would be appropriate in such a situation that requires enormous information and research since this style draws on individuals’ skills and knowledge and develops group dedication to achieving its goals and targets. However, my leadership style would not be effective in situations requiring immediate solution, because the style is based on extensive participation and research and there may not be adequate time for this in urgent situations.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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