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Introducing the IntervieweeThe interviewee is my brother and he is 30 years old and his current career is customer service banker. In the following essay, I am going to report the findings of my interview with him. I am going to write a detailed description and analysis of his career in addition to analyze the career using my own knowledge of career theory. The interviewee was extremely cooperative and a kind person. I appreciate his effort with me and the time he gave to me. History of the intervieweeJohn Mark is 30 years old and his current career is customer service banker.

He comes from a family of five people. From his childhood, he was considered a bright child because of his performance at school and also how he related with his friends while playing. His dream was to study business because he loved helping his mother run their small shop. He did well in his academics and graduated in 1995 from high school. His mother encouraged him to study what he liked and this was very motivational to John. Before joining the university, he worked at his local bank as an assistant teller where he developed and built his skills in banking.

He then studied business at the University of Alabama and passed. In 2000 he graduated and joined a local bank as a sales representative. He then pursued his Master in Edith Cowan University in Australia and majored in customer service banker. After his graduation in 2002, he moved to the United Kingdom to work in National Bank as the department head of customer service until now.

This being his dream career, his responsibility is to ensure that clients of the company get sufficient level of service or assistance with their concerns and questions. These clients may be individual clients or different organizations, and the disposition of their service requirements can differ considerably. Job descriptionEvery customer service banker interacts with clients to give information in reaction to inquiries concerning services or products and to manage and resolve various complaints (Chartered Institute of Bankers, 1997). John Mark’s job entails communication with clients through a range of means by e-mail, telephone, customary mail correspondence, fax, or face to face.

A number of customer service bankers handle general complaints and questions, while others focus in a specific area. A lot of client inquiries entail routine requests and questions. For instance, as part of John Mark’s responsibility, he might be asked to provide a client with their balance of credit card, or to confirm the status of a placed order. Getting the answers to questions like these normally need basically looking up data on the computer. Other inquiries are more involved, and might need extra research or further clarification on the part of the customer service banker.

In handling complaints of the clients, John Mark needs to try to resolve the issue based on the guidelines recognized by the bank. These processes might entail asking questions in order to establish the soundness of a complaint; providing possible answers and solutions; or offering clients with exchanges, refunds, or various offers like coupons or discounts. In a number of situations, the task of the customer service banker entails follow up with a personal client until an issue is settled or an answer to a question is found.

Customer service banker helps clients decide the on what kinds of services or products would best fit their requirements (JobBank USA, 1995).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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