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XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLecturerXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAugust 3rd, 2012. Introduction For many years the banking industry has been faced with issues related to the fraud and tremendous steps have been made so as to ensure that that they do not lose money because of fraud. In response to this issue the bank have decided to introduce a biometric system where the customers will use iris recognition so as to be able to access their bank accounts. Biometric system are termed as the automatic recognition systems that are used to recognize a specific distinctive characteristic or a personal trait of a certain individual and it is used to identify the individuals or verify that the individual is the one he claims to be (Daugman n. d).

The IRIS is seen as a major feature that can be used since it is a more protected organ and it is less prone to injury. This method of recognition is termed as the process used to recognize an individual by analyzing the random iris pattern (Daugman n. d). The biometric system been used raises some issues related to the privacy of the customers data as well as effectiveness of the system when implemented in the bank.

Hence the thesis statement of the paper is: do the use of the iris biometric system aid in reducing fraud cases in banks. Argument 1: Privacy As compared to other existing technologies Biometric system have a great effect on the privacy of individuals. If iris recognition biometrics can be deployed in the right manner they can actually protect privacy but if not applied they can lead to a loss of personal privacy. Privacy of an individual data is seen as a major concern to most individuals.

There seems to be an unvarying challenge of trying to solve privacy issues in biometrics systems. The iris biometric data are very personal information since they contain information about an individual. They are considered as been among the most sensitive since they are fixed and can rarely be changed and though certain medical procedures may alter the iris the fine texture that is associated with the iris rarely changes. Counter argument However to counter argue the statement in as much as the biometric system at times ensures the privacy of personal information sometimes this individual right is at times not adhered to.

Sometimes fraudsters are able to get the private information regarding a certain client thus the privacy of information is not achieved though it is one of the major reason behind the implementation of the iris recognition biometric method. There are also other instances in which a customer can be forced to give his details against his own will. Privacy is also major concern since the data collected about the clients may be at times used for other purposes rather than the main purpose for which it was intended for.

The possibility of multiple uses of the data collected is relatively high. In instances when the identifier is collected as well as stored in a database, the is easily accessible and can at times be matched against any other future samples though at times they are usually collected to entirely different purposes.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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