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Organizational BehaviorOrder No. 356474No. of pages: 8Writer: 653“Restructuring is rather like planting asparagus. You know you should have started three years ago. ” Charles M Doszher, Einchem Int. IntroductionAn organization is a group of individuals who are given specific responsibilities and work together for a common goal. These goals vary in character and purpose depending on the kind of organization. Working within an organization needs a lot of patients and tolerance because every individual is unique and has their own perspectives in executing their own thoughts and ideas. A good and healthy organizational culture could be maintained if all its individuals respect and understand each other keeping in mind, the goals to be achieved in the organization.

In describing the corporate culture within an organization Welford and Prescott, state that “a set of shared values, beliefs and attitudes, held in common by the people of that Company. ” (Welford and Prescott, 1996) This research paper, is going to make and investigation into my own personality and analyze how well I could fit into an organization. Personality Insights – An Overall Picture about me. I am ------------------, studying ------------------ at -------------------.

I have been endowed with a multifaceted personality, very unique to the kind of person I am. Strong values filled with integrity and honesty, coupled with an analytical mind is the foundation that I rely upon for all my dreams and aspirations of becoming a successful entrepreneur in the near future. Besides this, I have a very keen desire to engage myself in other social activities, such as helping the needy in my community and encouraging youth in the field of sports. In attempting to achieve my goals, I feel that it is crucial to understand my personality and character and therefore I have made this attempt to analyze my behavior exhibited by me in real life scenarios. A Brief Character- sketchBasically I am a very good natured, cooperative and emotionally stable individual, with high aspirations and an enthusiasm and zeal to achieve the same.

I am a moderate extrovert, dedicated to the things I believe in which includes being achievement oriented. Besides being a very responsible and dependable individual, I possess and imaginative and artistic bent of mind that I put to good use whenever an opportunity presents itself. Though highly good- natured, I am very sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of those around me and hence cautious in my dealings towards them.

I am intelligent and passionate about what I do and therefore try to develop higher levels of job knowledge and exert greater levels of effort on the job. I prefer quality to quantity and put in a lot of hard work to achieve this goal in the lesser amount of time.

I do not prefer to be ‘a Jack of all trades’ but I aspire to be ‘a master of one. ’ I prefer job satisfaction and I do my best to achieve high within the shortest possible time that is available and with the minimum amount of stress. Higher cognitive abilities and greater levels of social support that is experienced result in lower stress levels preceding the activity (Gil Luria et. al., 2008)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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