Music History – Dissertation Example

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The paper “ Music History” is an exceptional example of a dissertation on performing arts. Immediately upon listening to the frantic pace of Schubert’ s “ Erlkonig” , my attention was captured. I had to learn more about the story that called for such fast-paced frenzy. In “ Erlkonig” , a father is carrying his son on horseback, rushing to escape the Erlking which is a demonic tempter. The soothing voice of the Erlking attempts to win the favor of the young son with promises. Despite continual efforts and the ghostly apparition’ s well-crafted inveigling, the boy remains firm in his position of defiance.

The music showed varied narration amongst the boy, the ghost and the father. After listening to all six recommended songs, this excerpt from the Schubert opera was my favorite by far. The next song I chose was Chopin’ s “ Mazurka in B Flat” . This piece seemed like a 5-part rondo. Many changes were present in the dynamics of the piece. I enjoyed the switch from forte to pianissimo that occurred during several parts in the short, two minute piece. Unlike Schubert’ s “ Erlkonig” , I did not like this short piece of music.

The key changes and the overall randomness of the composure was hard to follow and not pleasing to study. Perhaps, like other avant-garde works, this piece requires subsequent listening to obtain a fondness for the piece.   Finally, I listened to Dvorak’ s String Quartet. This piece was also unpleasant to study. Unfortunately, this piece was nicknamed ‘ The American’ and I had to wonder if that was intended as an insult as listened to this vaguely atonal work. Lasting over six minutes, I watched the seconds pass by with much more fascination than I could muster for this piece.

The fast pace imitates did not help to keep my interest at all.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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