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Policy Decision Analysis in Australia
The paper “Policy Decision Analysis in Australia” is a perfect example of an essay on politics. Policy decisions by the government always involve an aspect of risk according to the perceptions of different stakeholders who are affected. Risk management has to be considered during the formulation of any important policies by the government. Risk has been defined as the probability of occurrence entails both gains and losses hence creating some level of uncertainty. Some have defined ...
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Identity of the Indigenous Australians
The paper “Identity of the Indigenous Australians” is an intriguing variant of literature review on sociology. Before 1788, Australia consisted of only indigenous people. They lived in the islands between Australia and Papua New Guinea. In identifying themselves the Aborigines spoke 700 different languages and had an estimated population of 750,000 people. Unfortunately, only two percent (2%) of these indigenous people are remaining today due to the erosion of culture and the colonization ...
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Analysis of Surface Temperatures Distribution over Paris
The paper "Analysis of Surface Temperatures Distribution over Paris" is an excellent example of a research paper on environmental studies. This study seeks to determine the ability to use GIS software in satellite data analysis. The study uses the QGIS for the task of determining the Land surface temperature profile of Paris. The analysis of data involved 4 steps namely: the conversion of raster bands from digital Number to reflectance and At satellite, land cover classification, reclassification ...
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