Design Structure of a Workout Website – Coursework Example

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The paper “Design Structure of a Workout Website” is a worthy example of a coursework on information technology.
The focus of this storyboard is on the design structure of a workout or gymnasium website. The discussion will display an easy way to see how information is incorporated on each page of the website and how the links are interconnected to promote easy navigation within the web interface. The main components that will be looked into include the navigation, site structure, graphics, and content. The details of the sections are outlined and explained below:
The site contains links strategically placed within the web system to facilitate the interconnection of the different web pages that offer diverse services. If an individual end user was to click a particular button within the system it would further result in a particular action or pop up a different interface having different web content or queries. The snapshot displaying the menu button options and their respective outputs is shown below. The storyboard displays how the various links within the website interact with other pages or menu options.
The website structure can be described from a template that outlines the positioning of vital components or elements like the menu options. The selective and optional navigation to various links that represent the pages of the website is symbolized by the template of the below.
The website has a light interface with a thin layer of coloring to compliment them. Most of the web graphical interfaces have not been overwhelmed with heavy graphical material like photos. The simple coloring blends in with a white background for displaying active forms for text inputs.
The content of the website is simple and are self-explanatory to the end user. The content updated to the system can be refreshed on the web interface and display the latest information within the system. For instance, when updating information on the system database. The various web content materials are strategically placed within the interaction interface.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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