Teaching Through Drama :a Solution Behind Solving Social Problems For Children Within The Autistic – Coursework Example

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IntroductionAutisms may be defined as neural disorder characterized by weakness in communication and social interaction. It is a disability that affects an individual’s social life. Few people if not all, have problems in learning but everyone with the same clause experiences complexity in understanding the world. These signs commences sooner than a child is three years old. Autism disorder alters the information processing in the brain. It affects the nerve cells and synapses that are articulated. However, it is not very clear how the disorder occurs. People with high functioning end are said to have a syndrome known as Asperger.

Autism spectrum disorder is a condition that is responsible in controlling decrease in neurological ability to repeat a certain activity over and over and communication impairments. This condition may vary from mild to severe. This condition develops mostly when a child is still an infant. Chelating may be defined as the process of managing and controlling chemicals agents, which binds the body with metal for divisive treatment for children suffering from autism disorder. Asperger syndrome is less severe compared to autism disorder. As compared to autism disorder, children suffering from Asperger syndrome are more active, and have better communication skills. There are two more autism disorder, Asperger syndrome and PDD-NOS.

Asperger is responsible in delaying cognitive development and language while PDD-NOS occurs during growth and development of the child. These disorder is at times explained using genetic inheritance, but still it is not very clear how it occurs. Sometimes the disorder is affected by environmental surrounding such as, childhood vaccine, heavy metals and pesticides, but this happens on a rare occasions. Survey shows that women are prone to the disease; the ratio of women to men suffering from the disease is 1:2 per 1000 nation.

Parents usually discover these symptoms in the first 2 years of their Childs existence. These signs develop as the child is growing up. Not every child suffering from the disease is allowed to live alone, even after maturity. This disorder is as dangerous as that, even though, many people suffering from it are successful today. However, there is still no cure up to date. The Meaning of playA play is a complex and diverse behaviour that is important in the normal growth and development of children.

However, different authors have different explanations on what a play means to them. The aim of the play is to entertain and allow people to have fun. There are various characteristics that a play should have: play must be pleasurable at all times; this means that a boring play may lead to boredom to both the audience and the entire actors at large, it must be voluntary, spontaneous, must involve an active engagement on the side of the actors and most of all, it must be systematic in nature.

The actors should involve the audience either by asking questions which does not necessarily need the answer. This is done to check if the audience are fully concentrating to the play or not. Where the audience are not concentrating, it is right to say that the play is actually boring or it does not have a theme.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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