Teachers Participation in Educational Innovation and Research Groups – Coursework Example

Teachers Participation in Educational Innovation and Research Groups Academic experts and analysts widely believe that the school reforms could be promoted and made more effective by involving the teachers in the research and educational innovation programs. Research programs allow the teachers to investigate the issues of their interest and then incorporate the outcomes of their research in their future teaching practice. Participating in the research programs engage the teachers in the hand on practice of science and allow them exploring certain theories and concepts and their implications to their field (Henson, 2001).
There is great awareness regarding the benefits of involving teachers in the research work due to which different schools and educational institutions use to regularly arrange educational innovation programs and research project to provide teachers opportunities to nurture their teaching skills and get new concepts and ideas for their future teaching practice. These programs and initiatives have mostly resulted in generating positive results and such schools and institutions have observed significant improvement in the teaching quality and communication of teacher with the students.
There are several benefits of teachers’ participation in the educational innovation and research group. It is believed that the communication skills of the teachers are significantly enhanced by attending such programs and they become able to interact with their students in more effective manner because they become more confident to teach their students in detail about their particular subjects and topics. Eventually, the performance of the students is also considerable increased because the teacher transfer their experiences and observations gained during the research programs to their students and their academic performances are enhanced (Burnaford et al, 2001).
There have been several research studies also conducted to find out the impacts of teachers’ participation in the research programs and it is unveiled from these research studies that the education programs result in enhancement of general and personal teaching efficacies and empowerment. The school climate and classroom environment also change due to improved teaching skills whereas the teachers have better grip on their subjects due to extended information and explored knowledge through the research programs (Silverstein, 2009).
The participation of teacher in the research programs enable teachers gaining greater self-awareness because they learn to understand their emotions and capabilities and their better use while interacting with the students in positive and constructive ways. After conducting research work and analysing the obtained results the teachers for certain new ideas and concepts for teaching. The implication of the newly acquired ideas and research outcome provide the benefits of improved classroom management. The teachers deal more effectively with the challenging behaviours of the students in their class and could also better present their personalities as role models to inspire and motivate all the students (Sardo, 1991).
The students also avail certain benefits of involvement of their teachers in the research projects. They got the opportunity to learn beyond the boundaries from their teachers because they have a competent person with practical knowledge of certain concepts and ideas in their class. The teachers can share their experiences during the research with their students and the students also get the exposure to higher level of educational research environment. The teachers and students also got involved in extended discussion about different topics where the students can understand certain phenomenon in the light of the experiences (Hitchcock and Hughes, 1995).
The school management also gain certain benefits by involving teachers in the research programs. It helps them achieving several key and reforms oriented objectives. Through educational innovation and research programs the teachers learn the practical implication of certain models and concepts that eventually improves the overall teaching standard of the school. The school having more teaching involved in research could stand as a better educational students as compared with the others because the educators in that school have deep and close knowledge of the issues and concepts that they taught to the others and they are in better position to satisfy all the educational demands of the students.
The research projects are not beneficial for the teachers and their schools and educational institutions but the entire teaching community would become able to avail certain benefits of the research work. When the teachers participate in some educational innovation project and come up with some new ideas and concepts they test it and gradual spread it to the schooling systems through their peers and colleagues. The outcomes of the research are experienced by the other teachers and they also learn a lot from the research work done by their colleagues. It implies that the participation of the teachers in the educational research programs provides certain important benefits to the students, teachers, schools, educational institutions and the entire teaching community.

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