Relationships between Man and Woman often Prove Challenging – Coursework Example

Relationships between Man and Woman often Prove Challenging The relationship between men and women is one which is very beautiful and sacred. The twopoems, The Voice written by Thomas Hardy and Marrysong by Dennis Scott has this theme as the central crux of the writings. The relationship of men and women can be very difficult and can be very difficult for both the men as well as the women to understand and keep up to. Hardy’s poem ‘The Voice’, speaks of the difficulties that he has faced with his spouse. The poem was written with a strong guilt in heart after his spouse’s death. Hardy was unable to concentrate on his wife and their relationship was extremely complicated while she was alive. Hardy pens his feels when he tries to cope with his loss and he believes that he can hear his wife’s voice even after her death. Words in the poem like ‘Wistlessness and listlessness’ in the poem and lines like ‘and the women calling’, brings out the sadness and the undying urge of Hardy to think of the first met of him and his wife, it also bring back all the things he tried to do to persuade her before marriage. The poem is a struggle, a fight within self for nor being able to understand his wife and the guilty feeling of her death. Hardy tries very hard to be able to move on with life and be able to live on without her, but her memories kills him every second and there is a strong urge of helplessness and emotional wreckage. Hardy tries to show how much a woman can mean to a man and the influence and strength of the relationship is so high that even death cannot break the bond or even erase the memories. The poem also shows how the relationship changes over the years and although it is strong how the relationship is faced with the ladies changing without the notice of the men.
Marrysong by Dennis Scott, is another very good poem of the relation ship of men and women. The poem talks of a man who is struggling emotionally to be able to understand his wife. He compares his wife to a territory, due to her story and temperamental behavior. The man has a tough time understanding the lady and there is a urgency and desperation that can be noted in the words which shows how much he tries to get to understand his lady and yet fails. He eventually ends up giving up and unable to understand her and to take her for whom she is rather than questioning this making life difficult for them both.
Both these poems have brought out how the relationship between men and women are strong yet so complicated. Men are unable to understand women and women are unwilling to help. A drift is caused because of these differences which is unintentional and not known until the relationship begin to weaken. This is the case with all relationships and is one of the biggest causes for people to drift apart and later feel the loss due to the love that truly is present between the two. The two poets have brought out this underlying cause for the wreckage in relations and have brought out the emotional trauma that men go through to understand their women, yet a number of times, it is too late until they get a grip on the relationship.
The main points that differentiate the men and women is recognizing, understanding, being skillful and discussing. These are very different for men and women and the lack of understanding or recognizing these tend to be the source of the issues and problems just like in the case of the poets. These can be the underlying cause of disappointment, tensions, frustration and also complications in he relations. The poets have brought out the main issue, i.e. the assumptions and the expectation of the opposite sex to be able to think, feel or even act in the same way as them. The poets have brought out how their lack and ability to understand their partners is low and how much it seems to have hurt them emotionally. The inability to understand women and the internal fight to be able to cope with the opposite sex has lead the poets to a position of confusion and the lack of understanding. Most people try to push these matters and not pay too much attention to these due to the high pressures of work and social life, but without noticing their partners moving away from them. The poets words in Marrysong, ‘Roads disappeared. The map was never true’, and in The Voice, ‘You being ever dissolved to wan wistlessness,’ show how they realise the gap that has been created and wish to a great extent that they could build a bridge to solve this and to be able to understand their partners and let the love remain within the relationship forever.