Job Specifics of a Nurse in a Psychiatric Unit – Coursework Example

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The paper "Job Specifics of a Nurse in a Psychiatric Unit" is a bright example of coursework on nursing. Being a nurse in a psychiatric unit is one of the most challenging tasks. Patients are mostly a great risk to both themselves and the staff. Physical and chemical restraints were once a popular means of ensuring that patients remain manageable. However, over time, it has been established that both chemical and physical restraints are not the best methods of ensuring both patient and staff safety in psychiatric wards. The other most viable option is to make the psychiatric wards as safe and patient-friendly as possible.

As a health practitioner, one is required to be as creative in preventive measures as possible. To ensure the ward is safe for both staff and patients, there needs to be enough free space for the patients to walk around. The nurses should always watch them ensure they do not disturb other patients. Due to the fact that they are allowed to move freely, it is important that where they stay is free from any hazards.

These include anything that could start a fire, or patients could use it to cut themselves, objects that can cause blunt force trauma should also be put away. Floors and hallways should always be clean and a control room with real-time footage of the facility to ensure that the patients are well monitored. Staffing is also a major factor in ensuring that patients in psychiatric wards are well taken care of. Before a facility is allowed to operate a psychiatric ward especially one with older adults with mental illness, it needs to prove its ability to take care of its psychiatric patients in the best way possible through adequate staffing.

This is to ensure that the nurse to patient ratio is low such that the caregivers have enough time to rest and can properly take care of their patients. They should also be well remunerated to motivate them to make their patients a major priority since proper remuneration allows an employee to focus more on their career.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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