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Service Plan Service Plan Innovative Widget is one of dedicated producer of widgets in Australia with about 400 staffs. It was established in 1952 and today most television use its widgets are used in different televisions. We are dedicated to providing the entire internal and external customer with the highest level of customer service. Here we have come up with our customer service plan that will ensure that we attain customer service satisfaction (Harris, 2010). Vision: Five years, Innovative Widgets aims at being recognized leader in production and supplies of widgets in Australia. Mission Here at Innovative widgets, we are dedicated to providing competitive, high quality and customized products within the shortest time possible.

To ensure that we maintain our leadership in this industry, we aim at investing most of our profit in production. We will be innovative, dedicated, and give our customers opportunity to give their views on production, which will ensure that we produce products that are customer oriented. Product Standards: Dimensions: The Innovative Widget’s dimension will vary depending on the size that best suit the customer. But generally, the widgets will vary at a range of 32 inches and 80 inches.

Tolerance: We aim at achieving a tolerance size of less than 3% than specified. All wrong sizes are refundable. Some materials such as stainless steel will strictly follow a set standard and customers who order the goods through the website will get a discount of about 10%. Once ordered, delivered through a delivery company within 24 hours. In the case of any delay we will communicate with the client and find the most suitable solution for the problem. Policies and procedures for identifying customers’ needs: Policy: We aim at working closely with the existing clients and upcoming clients to obtain their views and requirements, which will ensure that they provide them the most appropriate products. Procedure: Innovative Widgets Australia aims at identifying customer needs through a model survey.

In this survey, the Customers Services personnel will obtain customers experience and expectation through direct phone calls and emails. The survey will focus on different areas such as assurance, reliability, empathy, responsiveness, and tangible. Analysis to identify customer needs: At Innovative Widgets, we have developed policies and procedures of reaching customers’ needs through formal and informal feedbacks. Policy: We intend to provide our clients with both the formal and informal feedback mechanism.

We seek to strengthen the customer relationship where both the customer and our company will feel comfortable to initiate consultation of communication anytime within the service period. Procedures: To obtain the feedback our Customer Service team will be talking directly with the customers who will give the feedback on the services we provide. The customers will also give their views and expectation about the product. Our company will use this to improve to the next level.

Responding to Customer Complaints Customers review and complaints will help use to improve. All the customers complaints will be handled with care. If the customer if complaining about wrong specification, we will receive the returned item, and deliver an item with the right specification. Managing Records and Data: We aim at keeping clear records and data. The data will help us learn from our history as we will be referring to them from time to time. The data will assist the company to improve by avoiding the previous mistake and following success of the company (Gage, 1999). References Gage, S.

M. (1999). The agile managers guide to extraordinary customer service. Bristol, Vt.: Velocity Business Pub. . Harris, E. K. (2010). Customer service: a practical approach (5th ed. ). Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Pearson Prentice Hall.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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