Deaf Reading Reaction #2 – Coursework Example

Deaf reading reaction I liked the article “Signed Language” ed by Brita Bergman as it brings into perspective the development and use of signed language by the deaf. The thesis statement about signed language usage among the deaf has a lot to do with me. For one, I live in a society where the deaf exist and so it would be prudent if I knew the language too and not assume that it is meant only for the deaf. I have had experiences with the deaf where I was defeated to respond to the mode of communication, and probably they needed my help about an issue urgently.
It is also true to note that the article’s definition of the signs in particular the hands, are one area that I have sought to know more about and so this text only serves me a lot good in expounding my knowledge base and usage of the same. Consequently, the mentioning of a dictionary about sign language is consistent with my thoughts and desires that if only I could get the dictionary then I could enhance my relationship with the deaf in my society (Brentari 45). As of now, I have no close bond between me and them due to communication barriers. This bonding in my view will reduce thoughts of isolation and neglect of the deaf.
I have learnt a lot that has totally changed my views and would be glad to read more in the related topic area probably by the same author. However, I find the author’s choice of words at certain points quite technical and might not be understood by all. I would recommend this article for reading to everyone more so my friends and family so that we may be able to practice more together.
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