Advantages and Disadvantages Community Policing Strategies – Coursework Example

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The paper “ Advantages and Disadvantages Community Policing Strategies” is a thoughtful example of coursework on social science. The term community policing can be defined in many ways, but it refers to a strategy whereby the police work together with the people in a local community in combating crime. With the increased levels of crime and the need for a safer society, police forces in different countries had to adopt efficient methods and activities in policing thus the concept of developing partnerships with communities in which they work led to community policing.

Police activities in many countries operate under different environments and as a result, they are used to serving the ideologies of their governments (Gutierrez 2003). The important roles the police play in the society make them interact with citizens in the community; recently there have been increased calls for the police to reform their operations due to general disappointment in the way they operate. Community policing in spirit is the alliance between the community and the police in identifying and solving social problems such as crime and security.

For the strategy to work it requires a high level of trust between the police and the community, also community policing requires the support of all stakeholders in the society with main support coming from the government and the citizens (Wisler 2009). Advantages and Disadvantages of community policingOne of the advantages of community policing is its collaboration with the local community and hence making the law enforcement process much simpler and efficient. The interaction of the police with the community makes the flow of useful information easy and thus fighting crime relatively easier.

The major weakness of this system comes when the police officer in a particular community are forced to that work where they are not welcome by the residents. The corrupt recruitment process also has a negative impact on community policing (Brogden 2005). Community policing strategiesThe implementation of police procedures differs from countries and societies; this is due to the dynamics of different societies and the makeup of different governments (Brogden 2005). Different police procedures have been used in the implementation of community policing but the concept of community policing has been recognized as the best practice in the implementation of police reforms. Factors that have had a positive impact on the policing concepts used in community policing include, the existence of trust between the police and the community.

Trust is essential in building a community policing strategy since trust ensures the police are aware that they have the support of the community and the community recognizes the efforts of the police as genuine and to the interest of the community (Wisler 2009). Working conditions of the police have an effect on the implementation of community policing in that the police must be motivated and be paid good salaries for them to implement community policing, this will make them more committed to their duties as law enforcers.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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